Teisinių paslaugų grupė

About a company

UAB „Teisinių paslaugų grupė“ ("Legal services group") - is a company, which provides legal, consulting, education services. The company was created in 2006 and provides services for Lithuanian and foreign clients over ten years. Experienced and talented staff guarantees competitive service. The goal of „Teisinių paslaugų grupė“ is to provide the best service for business and individuals. We responsibly provide service with great care to all legal persons and individuals. In order to ensure leadership in this market field all our clients are treated carefully and with respect. The services of „Teisinių paslaugų grupė“ company are available in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages in all parts of Lithuania. The company is located in the centre of Klaipeda city on J. Janonio str.

UAB „Teisinių paslaugų grupė“ cooperates with advocates, notaries and bailiffs. From the year of 2006 the regular partner of a company is Law Firm ,,Žlioba & Žlioba”, from the year of 2011 companies partner became Czechia Law Firm ,,Law Office Malanta”, from the year of 2019 companies partner became Belarus Law Firm "Lev, Sherstnev and partners". We are the member of Klaipeda Science and Technology Park. UAB ,,Teisinių paslaugų grupė” through the years of the work experience composed wide amount of legal contracts and the archive of legal documents.

The company invests in creating intellectual products – after analyzing the practice of Lithuanian courts, company created freeware system in the web site www.alimentuskaiciuokle.lt for the free social use. The system allows to evaluate, tentatively, the adjudge alimentation for the children.

UAB ,,Teisinių paslaugų grupė” together with UAB ,,SDG”  pursuing the project ,,Social dialogue actuation between employers and workers in West Lithuanian construction and projection companies”, created the first territorial collective agreement, which was incorporated in the Ministry of social security and labour. The sides of the first territorial collective agreement - West Lithuanian construction and projection guilds union, representing the workers, and West Lithuanian construction and projection concerns group association, representing the employers.

The company actively participates in estimating legal acts, events actuality, makes and extends estimate and analytic publications. The part of these publications you can find in our web site.

The main fields of activities:

  • Debt Recovery
  • Shipping
  • Settling contracts, legal assessment and consultations
  • Inheritance, labor, business law, debt collection, setting up of a company in Lithuania and other issues
  • Legal assistance for the companies
  • Setting up of a offshore companies
  • Setting up of companies in London and full administration
  • Representation in the courts
  • Bankrupt law
  • Investment servises 
  • Public procurements


UAB „Teisiniu paslaugu grupe“

Company code: 300602173
VAT code: LT100005318012
Janonio st. 17, LT-92238, KLAIPEDA, Lithuania
Account No. LT407300010096603285
SWIFT code HABALT22, AB Swedbank 
Bank code 73000 
Bank address: Savanoriu pr. 19,
03502 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 46 311523
Mob.: +370 689 88835
E-mail: info@tpg.lt